A Message from CoventBridge Group and Dave Finney Relating to Dave’s Retirement

I have had the privilege to work with Dave Finney as a client, a competitor, and ultimately a colleague. I have a deep appreciation for Dave’s contribution to our firm and his leadership while President of GlobalOptions.

We will miss his sturdy moral compass but are also happy for him and his wife to begin this next chapter.

The following is a message from Dave Finney:

“After nearly 4 decades in law enforcement and insurance investigations, I am retiring from the insurance investigations arena. I am fortunate to have worked with great people and many mentors that contributed to an eventful career; and I will treasure the relationships with my teammates for years to come. The client relationships built during the various roles that I served in will remain among my most cherished accomplishments.

As a young man, I was taught to always leave things better than I found them. I sincerely hope that is the case with the organizations I served.”

Sincerely, Dave Merrill, CEO CoventBridge Group