What’s worth protecting, is worth protecting better.

We believe in the power of truth, working relentlessly to uncover and uphold it. It’s why we’ve been able to provide effective solutions for the government and their social service programs, all the while increasing enterprise value for some of the biggest names in the insurance industry.

We know there’s no greater sense of peace than knowing your bottom-line is our starting point and that your blind spots are our long-range targets. That’s why we offer our partners a holistic, 360-degree view that paints a very clear picture of the landscape and all potential threats.

Let our global network of highly skilled professionals, using the most sophisticated technology available, help to determine the best course of action for investigating and mitigating fraud.



Executive Management involved in the CoventBridge Group:

Dave Merrill, Chief Executive Officer

Doug Merriman, Chief Operating Officer

Brian Thompson, Chief Financial Officer

Stacy Hanson, Chief Client Officer

Glenn Prager, Executive Vice President of Government Solutions

Jason Zurn, Chief Information Officer

Robin R. Rogers, General Counsel

Steve Cook, Managing Director for UK, Ireland & Europe