The Florida Workers’ Compensation Fraud Task Force awards Jimmy Mock and James Roggen from CoventBridge Group The SIU Investigator of the Year Award!





CoventBridge Group acts as the contracted SIU for the State of Florida, Department of Financial Services’ Division of Risk Management. Jimmy Mock works internally with their staff, reviewing claims for possible suspect activity, and James Roggen handles all SIU investigations on behalf of the Division.

During the past several years, CoventBridge Group has implemented a full scale SIU program to include inner office training of claim handlers on recognizing possible suspect activity, reviewing all surveillance video obtained and monitoring claims investigations conducted, implementing and monitoring programs for all Workers’ Compensation claims that meet a predetermined criteria, developing a fraud deposition guideline to be used by the privately contracted defense attorneys and meeting with these defense attorneys prior to depositions being taken, and conducting internal training.


As a result of the SIU program implemented at the Florida Division of Risk Management, during the fiscal years of 2013-2016, the following results have been obtained;

  • SIU investigations opened on over (125) claims.
  • (28) cases presented to the Florida Division of Investigative & Forensic Services.
  • (12) Arrests
  • $321,000 in Restitution ordered
  • $17.76 million in claim savings attributed to SIU investigations conducted, all of which would be Florida taxpayer money.